The Global Ocean Science Report II (GOSR-II) questionnaire seeks to gain information about current ocean science capacity in your country. Your response will be used for the production of the second edition of the IOC GOSR-II (cf. Global Ocean Science Report for more information on the Report) and the related Global Ocean Science Report Data portal.

Please note that each IOC Member State has only one focal point who is allowed to the online submission of the answers to the questions. Please further note, that this submission is expected to reflect a consolidated national authorized response. The IOC secretariat acknowledges, that providing information to each question of the questionnaire might be difficult, therefore please feel free to contact the IOC Secretariat if you have further questions. The answering fields further include comment sections, where you will have the possibility to state whether the data provided are estimates (please state the source on which these estimates are based) or only reflect part of the ocean science landscape (e.g. human capacity data for only one part of the national ocean science institutions).

Member States are encouraged to use the best information available, obtained via consulting colleagues in your country and the respective ocean science institutions. Part E for example focuses on data management and data services, therefore we encourage you to invite your national IODE focal point to help you filling in this part (if present in your country, as per List of IODE National Oceanographic Data Centres and Associated Data Units) when answering these questions.

You will be able to save your answers throughout the data collection period without submitting it to the IOC Secretariat.

Please send an email to Ms. Kirsten Isensee (k.isensee@unesco.org) for further information and/or in case you have questions related to your submission.